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privacy policy

the legal stuff

Last Updated: January 18, 2024

Thanks for visiting Melted Marketing! You must really take your privacy seriously. This isn’t really a page most normal people visit, let along read, however, we’ve tried to make our privacy policy as clear as mud. If you want to keep reading, good luck!

1. Information We Collect

We collect information that helps us understand our users better and provide them with a sucessful advertising experience. This includes:

a. Personal Information

We may ask for your name, email address, and other contact details when you reach out to us or sign up for our newsletters. Don’t worry, we won’t use this information to send you love letters (unless you’re into that).

b. Website Analytics

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to understand how you navigate through our website. Rest assured, these cookies won’t crumble your privacy; they’re more like digital breadcrumbs helping us improve your experience.

c. Advertisements

If you engage with our ads, we might collect data about your preferences. This helps us tailor our ads to your liking. Consider it the personalized playlist of advertising.

2. How We Use Your Information

We promise not to stalk you. Here’s how we put your information to good use:

a. Personalization

We use your information to tailor our services and ads to suit your preferences. Think of it as your own personal content concierge.

b. Communication

We may reach out to you via email or other means to share company updates, offers, or just to say hi. If you ever want a break from us, you can always hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button – no hard feelings!

3. Information Sharing

We’re not in the business of gossip, but there are times when we need to share your information:

a. Service Providers

We may employ third-party companies to help us with various services like paid media, analytics, and website setup. Rest assured, they’re sworn to secrecy.

b. Legal Requirements

If the law comes knocking, we might have to share your information. We’ll fight for your privacy like the Saints D-line.

4. Your Choices

We believe in freedom of choice. You have the power to:

a. Opt-Out

Feel free to opt-out of our communications whenever you please. We won’t hold it against you, promise.

b. Cookie Control

You can manage your cookie preferences. Just remember, digital cookies are friends, not foes.

5. Security

We’ve put on our digital armor to protect your information. Our security measures are tougher than mid-August heat.

6. Updates to Privacy Policy

If we ever decide to switch change things up, we’ll update this privacy policy accordingly. Keep an eye out for those changes here—we know you can’t wait.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to discuss the most recent weather patterns, feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks for trusting Melted Marketing with your information. We promise to handle it with care – like a little infant baby bundle of data. Cheers to a thoughtful, secure, private, and drama-free online experience!